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What to expect on your visit


Before your dogs visit:

  • A Veterinary surgeon will sign a consent leaflet or referral form online and return to us for treatment
  • We will contact you to discuss hydrotherapy treatment and book an initial consultation with your pet and answer any questions.
  • You may want to read more information about us or about canine hydrotherapy, using this website, our facebook page, or 

Initial consultation:

  • No meals for 1 hour before.
  • Let your pet toilet before coming to centre
  • Bring along a towel and a dog coat/jumper or similar to keep your dog warm on the journey home from treatment.
  • You can bring a toy or treat that your dog favours to help when acquainting them with the treadmill.
  • Please bring a mask for yourself and follow the covid 19 safety guidelines at the centre. 
  • Leave yourself an hour for this appointment, as within our assessment we will cover; the condition your dog is being referred for, history relevant to hydrotherapy, current medications, home routines & diets, full body assessment and movement assessment. We will then discuss a suitable treatment plan, tailored for your dogs’ recovery.
  • Your dog will then be introduced to the underwater treadmill and you will have a 30 minute session (see "During your session").

During your dogs’ sessions:

  • Bring a towel for drying after sessions
  • Bring a dog coat for post session (optional but advisable)
  • You and your dog are given 30 minutes to a session, however not all of this time will be working in the treadmill.
  • Your dog is showered down before entering the water treadmill to removed dirt from the coat and warm up the muscles.
  • Treatment in the treadmill- times will vary dependant on stamina, point of recovery, age etc. However all patients will walk for 4 sets of time. 
  • Treatment consists of exercising for 4 set times with periods of rest in between. The walking times may start from 30 seconds a set, increasing with each session dependent on patients’ recovery. This doesn't sound like much but would be extremely tiring for first time patients.
  • We shower dogs down post treatment and dry off with a towel
  • Appointments are booked for next time.

After your dogs Session:

  • Keep your dog warm until they are dry
  • Use a microwaveable heat bag on target areas which are discussed with you during treatment. 
  • Sleeping when they get home is normal; just get them up every hour or so to prevent stiffening of joints.
  • No food for 1 hour post treatment
  • Please monitor your dog the days following treatment, they may show changes that we will want to know at the next session. These include:
  1. changes in activity/ sleep patterns
  2. changes in toileting habits
  3. changes in gait (walking/running/jumping)
  4. changes in appetite

If your dog has vomiting or diarrhoea 24 hours before their appointment, an open wound, stitches or an ear infection , we will not be able to treat until clear.

Please give 24 hours notice for any cancellation.

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